Monday, March 30, 2015

Oh Yeah BTW I Moved To China (1 year)

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year! 

Where has the time gone?


When I first arrived, I wasn’t sure if this was smartest or dumbest thing I had yet done with my life. At this moment in time, I’m still not quite sure. Actually that is not true. The Chinese language is still a huge barrier for me, and I beat myself up because I haven’t absorbed as much I think I should have. I have the nasty habit of comparing myself to other people who have been here about the same time. But I finally found a decent Chinese teacher and I have signed up for 1.5 hour classes three times a week. So hopefully it will help. Aside from the language issue, I’ve really grown here. 

When I visited home over Chinese New Year, it was of course great to see my parents and old friends, but I am so happy I left. 

A group dinner with the peeps. Thanks for taking the pictures Dad.
Me explaining to Ryan how difficult it is to learn Chinese.
Dear friends, Dan (on the left of me) Bob and Mark on the right.
Fellow friend and artist Raul. I don't recall what his date's name was.
Fellow artist and lady killer Micah and art patron Michelle.
Old school friends! From the left Yvette, her daughter (whose name I can't remember) Laurelin, me, Dave.
Front row Todd and Dave & Laurelin's daughter Olivia.
Me and a baby! His name is Ezra and he burst into tears moments after this was taken.
Dear friend Kari and her daughter Olivia.
My friend Lyn is still crazy as hell. Now she's engaged! Lord help her future husband!
I've known Erron and Steve since 2nd grade!
It wasn’t a bad place, as I stated in earlier blog posts, my life in California was good, but I wasn’t content. When I visited, there were some things that had improved, like the WAL Project on R Street. The whole Jeff Koons, Sacramento Kings Arena debacle made the usual boring art scene exciting. I was even quoted in an ArtNet article about the proposed, now approved Koons project. But for the most part, life in my old circles had stayed the same. Had I stayed, I could for see my trajectory, and it wasn’t good. So much about my outlook has changed, in predictable and non-predictable ways. More on that in the future.

My painting has really expanded into a new, exciting direction. I can say in about another 6- 7 months, the tattoo aspect will be completely gone from my work. 
But I still have a few more compositions in mind.
Here are some pictures of my studio here in China with some new work and new friends :)

New works on paper plus some prints.
Biggest painting to date!
I think the title for this will be, "Your heart is in the right place."
Me using my super sales powers...
Lilly an I.
In progress.

St. Patrick’s Day Fun! 

Happy St. Patty's Day from 3-1 :)
Julia seems happy about her crown.
Me giving guidance.
Making the crown.
Who doesn't love gold chocolate coins?
Lucky Shamrock.

King of St. Patty's Day!
Look for the April update in a few weeks.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Oh Yeah BTW I Moved To China (Month 11)


Not much happened this month, so I'm just going to include pictures and captions. But I did go back to America for a bit, those pictures will be included next entry.

On valentines day I went to a small flower market in preparation for Chinese New.
Lion dancer sculptures at the park entrance.
Close up shot.
It's the year of the Ram. Or the year of the Sheep. Depends on who you ask.
Dude tried to pick my pockets!
Nike's little known "Just Fuck It" wasn't a big success in the USA. Not the case here in China!
Me on my cell phone.

While in Guangzhou with a new friend, I attended a real flower market. As you can see form the video IT WAS PACKED!

Oh China...

A friend from Taiwan returned with these pictures. Penis shaped corn dogs, it's a real thing. 

Gloves not included.
Veins & all!
Watch the teeth honey.
At least they aren't cream filled.
I didn't eat there, but my friend confirmed that this establishment serves dog. Notice the golden retriever in the right corner :(
Wasn't able to get a front shot, but someone actually wore this out in public.

And it was cold! WTF was she thinking?!
This weird little kid just walked up the door at this bar and pressed his mouth against the glass! He looks like on of those sucker fish you use to keep your fishtanks clean.
Glowing devil eyes!
Man finds out his wife had over $100k of plastic surgery before marriage and sues her because their children are ugly as fuck.

Dressed up with the peeps:

My other GQ audition photo.
I think were throwing up gang signs. -Idiots- Also, my ears look really big in this photo.
From the left: Will, Ruben, Jacob, Me.

My thinking pose.
Us, or I should say, Ruben holding up Rachael.
Mr. Jeff says sit up straight!
Coloring time.
Me pretending to care. I'm just kidding, these kids are great.

More next month :)