Saturday, September 01, 2018

September 2018 Unicorn Of The Month: Ryosuke Kumakura

My work is observational, focusing on the spirit within or behind possessions and memorabilia – seemingly everyday objects that hold their own special character, their own storage of memories and stories existing beyond the usage of human ownership. The intention is that these objects – socks, t-shirts, handkerchiefs, etc. – be portrayed in their own singular and momentous light. Further exploring this idea of presence, I've also been working on a series of cat portraits. The paintings capture the subjects, always sitting, in their own states of observation. 

Regarding process, I’ve always been interested in learning from the practices of past masters. From stretching my own canvases – a technique emblematic of the common but somehow sacred custom of folding one’s clothes – to various styles of underpainting, my methods serve as a history lesson as I work. From there, ideas arise organically; for example – the pointed tips of canvases resembling ears and thereby inspiring the series of cats.

To see more of Ryosuke's work visit his Website, on Instagram, and visit Patron Gallery in Chicago to see the work in person.