Thursday, August 08, 2013

Look Mom, I'm On T.V!

DIY Network-House Crashers- Episode: "Bachelor's Wine Retreat"

I tired to upload the whole episode, but you know, the whole copyright issue won't let me. So I'll just give you a summary of the show:

Dude goes to major corporate hardware store to get supplies.

Dude is approached by professional contractor (Josh Temple) who also hosts a tv show called "House Crashers"

House Crashers host Josh Temple, denim shirt, and his latest victim.

Dude has a "bachelor pad" aka a dump that smiles like dog.

No caption needed

Dude has is whole living room/dining room torn out and redone in 3 days.

Dude has one of my awesome paintings displayed on the wall in the "after shot."

See it, right above the House Crashers logo, next to the white bench?

Dude lives happily ever after and my art work gets seen by well over 100,000+ people!

Thank You's:
Josh Temple
Ryan Bailey
The Crew
The people who fed us during the 12+ hour taping!
And my neighbor Mando for getting me a tape of this episode.

Monday, July 08, 2013

New Painting From Start To Finish!

In regard to the new work, it's a fun, yet scary new direction for me. More later on why I chose to change directions, but for now, enjoy!

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7

Step 8. All Done!

Monday, April 08, 2013


Highlights From LACMA & The Getty

Special thank you Han who let me crash at his place,  Felipe Smith for being an old school SAIC friend and brother in the struggle that is art, Jeff, Molly, Russell, for the great Saturday night at the Magic Castle, and the lovely Rani Paez for being my downtown LA and LACMA companion. 

First up, "Special" Jesus:

Maybe it's just my imagination, but does the savior of mankind look like he has down syndrome? I was walking by the painting at LACMA and I heard these girls giggling and one of them said, "It looks like Jesus is retarded!" I thought they were just being bithces, but then I saw this thought, "Yeah he does look a little bit on the Downy side." Maybe that's why he was so in touch with the divine, he was on different level, a level that is more child like and for thought people.

The Getty: 

 Without a doubt one of the most beautiful museums on the planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deer on the grounds of The Getty!
Look at the jacket! 
Downtown LA 


Burrito action with Felipe Smith:

LACMA with Rani Paez:

It was reeeeeaaaalllyyyy interesting to see peoples reactions to the work on display. There were quite a few people who obviously never heard of him, and thus didn't know erotic, confrontational nature of the pictures. I almost broke out laughing when I heard a man say, 
"Holy shit, his arm is in that guys ass!"