Tuesday, February 05, 2008

2 New Big Ass Paintings!

Well not big ass really, about medium size for me. The first one listed is a commissioned portrait from the Kearny family. Special thanks to Tricia, Tom and Kera once again for having faith in me when I often listen to the outside world when it tells me that what I do is a waste of time and that I should get a real job. 

The painting is oil on canvas like always and 36 x 48 (3 feet x 4 feet) and thank you Sharon for say it is very "Sargent, Madame X like." Google Madame X to get the reference. I tried to make the strands of pearls as simple as I could by just reducing them to quick blobs of wet on wet color. I had never painted pearls before so it was a challenge. Also getting leather to look like leather was a pain, but it came out all right.

She is obviously not this pale in person, but the way I had the light made it look as such.

For those of you that have seen the 3 tattoo paintings, this new one will not look that out of place, but it reflects a shift in the direction of my work. Yes there will still be portraits and illustration work so I can eat and keep the student loan people happy. But now I am so convinced that I am going to die poor and alone, that I might as well go out fighting. The tattoos reflect issues the normal issue all artists, well not all artists, but the good ones anyway, deal with on a daily basis. 

I’m not going to reveal it all in written form, after all that’s why I paint, but the full title is “ Maybe Now My Art Will Be Weird Enough For You Pseudo Art Intellectual Assholes” and is 40 inches x 60 inches.

The composition itself is based off one of my favorite Caravaggio’s entitled “Ecce Homo.”

The Latin title 'Ecce Homo' is taken from the Bible, and means 'Behold the man!' Pontius Pilate said these words during the trial of Jesus, as it is told in the Gospel of Saint John (19: 5). Pilate presents Christ to the people, who, urged on by their priests, demand his execution, insisting that they have no king but Caesar. 

My version is not a reflection upon my views of Big JC or Pilate or how I see myself compared to Jesus. I just loved the composition, it fit for what I was trying to say, and in future portraits of myself or other people, the tattoos will convey the message, be it negative or positive. Yeah I spend waayyy too much time in my apartment and isolated, so expect my future work to reflect that fact.