Thursday, August 08, 2013

Look Mom, I'm On T.V!

DIY Network-House Crashers- Episode: "Bachelor's Wine Retreat"

I tired to upload the whole episode, but you know, the whole copyright issue won't let me. So I'll just give you a summary of the show:

Dude goes to major corporate hardware store to get supplies.

Dude is approached by professional contractor (Josh Temple) who also hosts a tv show called "House Crashers"

House Crashers host Josh Temple, denim shirt, and his latest victim.

Dude has a "bachelor pad" aka a dump that smiles like dog.

No caption needed

Dude has is whole living room/dining room torn out and redone in 3 days.

Dude has one of my awesome paintings displayed on the wall in the "after shot."

See it, right above the House Crashers logo, next to the white bench?

Dude lives happily ever after and my art work gets seen by well over 100,000+ people!

Thank You's:
Josh Temple
Ryan Bailey
The Crew
The people who fed us during the 12+ hour taping!
And my neighbor Mando for getting me a tape of this episode.