Wednesday, February 01, 2017

February 2017 Unicorn Of The Month: Laurelin Gilmore

My subject matter can be somewhat varied, but the human figure has always been my touchstone. For me, the body is an endless study of form and light and warmth and color. I am, like most artists, drawn to all kinds of art, but I am most deeply inspired by artists that celebrate the body. As an instrument, as a subject, as a statement, as a symbol. The human in my artwork is generally some version of myself, and some version of the viewer if I’m doing my job right.

My art looks at the place where separates meet, and explores through fantasy the experience of the would-be fence sitters as go-betweens, translators, and bridges between perspectives. I love the playful idea that these creatures would be perfect translators between humans and the rest of the species with whom we share our planet. But I hope the experience of the viewer isn’t limited to my viewpoint, my ideas, my perspective.

The blending of species in my art is also about my experience as a person of multiple ethnicities, that there is beauty and power in being a rare combination. I think this is a concept anyone can relate to. Examined closely, every person is a rare combination. Ultimately my aim is to engage the viewer in a conversation that I begin and they finish. 

The populous of my imagination come with a hinted mythology and evident symbolism so that I have fun when I make them, and people are engaged when they look at them. I am always excited to hear the story my painting tells for someone else.

More of Laurelin's work can be seen on her Website, Twitter and Facebook Page.