Thursday, January 22, 2009

Studio Visit Magazine Volume 4

Yeehaw, I Got Published! 

If you happen to have this publication and turn to page 140-141, guess who you will see? Me that's who! After I submitted my work, two months went by I had no word. So I just figured I wasn't chosen. But there it is! Hopefully it will lead to something since over 2,000 galleries and curators as well a growing subscriber and art collector base get this magazine.
Cross your fingers for me!

Midtown Mural Finally Finished!

So if you live in Sacramento or close by, get your self to midtown (23rd Street between K & L) and check out my mural. Well not my mural, but I am one of over 30 artists who have a spot in the Midtown Alley Project! There are numerous blank walls that would look so much better if there was a mural painted on it. So the people at M.A.P.S. finally did something about...Here is a brief snippet from the mural project blog:
"Midtown Alley Project.... where to begin? After about a month and a half of prep, a call to local artists and actual PAINT ON THE WALL real progress has been made! 30+ artists have donated their time and talents to what is shaping up to be the most interesting mural Sacramento has ever seen. At pretty much any hour of the day you can see someone hard at work on their piece or perhaps passers-by just standing back and staring at the scope of it all.

Making the transition from oil on canvas to acrylic on wall was quite challenging, but it is for the most part it wentwell. While I was working on the hands (both Jessica and Wes) I was very frustrated that the paint wasn't doing what I wanted it to do. I quickly learned that I would have to use multiple layers and thin the paint out heavily if I was going to get the realism I wanted. These are some hand and arm close up shots of Jessica's tattoo and of course final shots of Wes and Jessica.

Thanks for the extra pictures Dad and Russ and thanks to Wes for letting me use him as subject matter. Thanks to everyone who said hello to me when I was working outside and everyone at the Midtown Alley Projects for giving me the opportunity. Hopefully there will be more murals to come. And if you type my name into YouTube a little interview with me pops up. Watch it!