Tuesday, September 01, 2015



Taiwan has been on my list of “must visits” for quite some time. From what people have told me, it’s a lot like China, if China got its shit together and gave Communism a rest. I wasn’t there long enough to see the major differences, but I did notice that the language is different. People still speak Chinese of course, but it has a distinct Taiwanese flavor to it. Aside from relaxing, eating great food, drinking, sleeping, exploring, and picture taking, I didn’t do much. But in my opinion, that’s a great vacation! 

Special thank you to my friend Tux in Kaohsiung for being the best host a man could ask for! I’ll see you in a few months!

My friends apartment.

Train station into town.

The train station, subway connection.

Subway entrance.

Really cool, 3-D advertising display.

Pier 2 Art Center

Pier 2 Art Center.

This demon sculpture is complete with hard on AND anal beads!


Beautiful art in a subway station.

Night market.

Kaohsiung Fine Arts Museum

Body Art Stories-Marina Abramovic & Others.

Monkey Mountain, Minus The Monkeys

And Finally, Food