Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Non Shitty Quote By An Artist

I don't find quotes by artists to be appealing or inspiring quite often. They usually come off as rich, arrogant, pseudo-intellectual shitfaces. But in my usual viewing of art magazines at Borders, where I always feel a scolding flame of anger surge through my body when I find an article about "The New Hot Painter Out Of (fill in name of city)", who makes mind numbing, technically sloppy work and who obviously has no gag reflex, I came upon this quote. 

It was one of those quotes that makes you psychically pause and reflect;perhaps how the people who were about to stone a woman to death paused when Jesus said, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." 

My New Testament is a bit rusty but I'm sure you get it.
Every point counts.
Every thickness counts.
Every direction, every brush stroke counts.
And so do the most differentiated color shades.
They do not count for themselves, their velocity and power is manifested in the magic relation unto them.
Make the picture furrow like earth and brilliant like sun.
Make it pearl and diamond laden with color in every shade.
Make it hard and weighty like rock, but dewey like fruit and pulsating as blood does in a loving heart and fill it with life and laugh and tears, that it may be felt how you have felt it as the maker of a new world.

Hans Hoffman 1955