Monday, July 16, 2012

Hot Mural Action In Davis Pt.2!!!

Now with more pictures!
My contribution to the mural is at an end and I would say the project is 90% done. Check back soon to see pictures of the project! Below is a breif mention of the mural project that appeared in the Davis Enterprise.

Nature And Art Come Together In DAC Summer Program
By Kim Orendor
Sunday July 15, 2012

Me getting my mural on
Art, like nature, often fills the viewer with wonder and awe.

There are grand scale creations like Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel and Yosemite’s Half Dome, while other works can fit in your hand, like a Fabergé egg or blue starfish.
The Davis Art Center is bringing both worlds together through its summer Discovery Art program. The program — themed “Cross Pollination: sharing art, sharing ideas” — grew out of a survey made possible by a grant from the James Irvine Foundation and in partnership with the UC Davis Arboretum.
“We found out that people are looking not just for arts education but additionally for intergenerational things that families can do together,” Davis Art Center Executive Director Erie Vitiello said. “They like to be able to drop in with no schedule, and they like things free, especially with the economy.”
“Cross Pollination” hits all three points. The three-month program is a mix of scheduled and drop-in activities that are family-friendly and affordable.

The three main pieces — a mural, “Pocket Collections” and “Off The Grid” — are perfect for those who want to get involved at their own pace. 

The mural is being painted by several professional artists. However, they are taking “input from the community of a conceptual or physical nature,” according to Rachel Hartsough, DAC exhibit and program designer.

Scale shots
For “Pocket Collections,” community members are asked to bring in bits of nature they find — leaves, bark, stones, etc. — which will be placed in display jars in the Tsao Gallery at the Art Center, 1919 F St. Individuals who visit the display will then draw the various objects and their work will be posted in the gallery.

“It will highlight the wonder of the natural material,” Hartsough said. “By looking at them and drawing them, people will see them in a new light. Playing with them and examining them, being hands-on — especially for children — helps develop a relationship with the things around them.”

“Pocket Collections” will be a revolving exhibit throughout the summer as objects are brought in and drawings fill the space.

“Off The Grid” is an installation piece that will come together over the summer as various sections are finished. The Art Center acquired a “secret” photo that was blown up and then broken down into 132 sections. Each of those sections was put into a kit — which includes a photo section and canvas — that is available now on a first-come, first-served basis.

“We encourage everyone to recreate their section in any medium: oils, water colors, pastels, magazine collage, chalk, textiles,” Hartsough said. “We want them to be as creative as possible.”
As the grids are returned, they will be reassembled square-by-square in the Tsao Gallery.

“The Grid is really exciting to me,” said Vitiello, who knows what the original photo looks like but isn’t sharing. “As they put it up, we’ll get to see the final picture.”

In addition, events are scheduled throughout the summer. They include the DAC opening reception (July 13), an art/nature workshop (July 15), Bee Creative workshop (Aug. 10), family time with Bay Area storyteller Ane Carla Rovetta (Sept. 8), Painting with Mother Nature workshop (Sept. 9) and closing ceremonies (Sept. 14). 

“This is our pilot program,” Vitiello said. “So afterward, we will follow up with participants and find out what worked and what didn’t work. We’re hoping that every summer we can turn our gallery into a discovery space.” 

For more information, visit or “like” the Davis Art Center on Facebook. 

All the following pictures were taken by Tony Berger: doctor, gentleman, scholar, contributing artist, and all around good guy.

Decided to add some colored tiles.
Left panel looking tight

Me applying tiles with purple gloves.
Ton'y graf inspired "LOOK."
Installed at the Davis Art Center.
Install shot #2.
Install shot #3.
I'm cornered! Photo by David Morse.