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The Featured Unicorn

March 2021 Unicorn Of The Month: Aida Lizalde

I saw  Vessel Fountain  months ago at Axis Gallery in Sacramento CA with the intention of doing a post here specifically on the exhibition. But then I just wasn't in the correct head space to write. I am a terrible friend.  I am still not at 100%, but her works needs to be talked about, plus she has this incredible show, entitled "Fragmentos" at Sierra Nevada University until March 26.  Hand made paper quilts are part of her Overwhelming Ground Series. "I’m a multi-media artist and Mexican Immigrant living in California. My family migrated here shortly before the recession of 2007 and I’ve had to navigate assimilation to the United States, in a period of extreme social and environmental shifts. I experienced the difficulties of the immigration system to obtain a legal status and the nuances of understanding my identity as a malleable, geographically, and legally dependent concept. All these experiences have shaped the way I make artwork and my research and focus on p

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