Saturday, October 01, 2016

October 2016 Unicorn Of The Month: Raul Mejia

Before understanding any of my art I feel you should know my reason, I was born in Mexico, Mexico City to be exact, I was brought here in my mother's arms across the border as an immigrant, “illegally”, whatever that means... Anyhow I have always lived in two worlds America and Mexico at home it was all Mexican as soon as I stepped out into the streets it was all American the contrast is pretty big so no wonder most my life I was confused and conflicted. My art comes from my roots in Mexico my branches in America both strive for the kind of freedom that America offers. My art is reflections of Mexico and America like my little girl Isla whom it seems I do it all for these days.

I'm an American citizen these days since the amnesty act in the 80’s introduced by Ronald Reagan, that has not changed my ideals or even my feelings towards people from other countries. I still believe that we're all people and we all want the same thing on that note I feel that there was a large gap between American and Mexican culture and art and so in my life I felt like they were always missing pieces to the big puzzle of feeling represented, Mexican hero’s were not represented in any textbook I read growing up.

As a Mexican American, I've always looked for artists musicians even actors to somehow represent me or somehow look up to as a role model, I didn't see many so I decided that I would be that missing piece that I would create the artwork that I feel would bridge that gap and I don't know if I am or am not successful but the process gives me peace of mind. I feel as though in someway it helps I think; maybe somewhere out there there's a kid that feels like I once did and now can look upon my work and see that there is a middle and we the underrepresented are beautiful, strong,empowered. 

I use line work because I am self taught with no formal training, just practice drawing and for whatever reason illustration’s are innate in me. I use wood panels with acrylic paint, I use panels because it’s lighter on the wallet and I want everyone to be able to afford my art. 

Lastly I am having a Dia De Los Muertos celebration October 22 at the Latino Cultural Center 2700 Front Street in Sacramento CA. 95818 from 7pm to 1am along with a Dia De Los Muertos coloring book release on Oct 1st!

More of Raul's work can be seen on his website, and his instagram account.