Thursday, February 01, 2018

February 2018 Unicorn Of The Month: Jessica So Ren Tang

Lala Girls. Hand Embroidery On Fabric. 18"x 28" Hoop. 2017

Embroidery is versatile in mimicking the original object in shape and design but still distinct enough to be recognized as something else. The stitches are soft but substantial, more tangible.
With embroidery, I explore my Asian-American born identity-the dualism of being too Asian to be American, and too American to be Asian.
Blue Willow Plate. Hand Embroidery & Wire On Fabric. 11"2016
Blue Willow Plate Close Up #1
Blue Willow Plate Close Up #2

In my object series, I recreate familiar Asian American objects that take on the visual identity of the original object but reject said identity due to its material.
In my girl series, I replace the facial identity of suggestively posed Asian women with Asian textile patterns. The patterned skin creates a broader spectrum of Asian identity; it becomes more ambiguous and fluid as identity moves between the two.

Lotus Girl. Hand Embroidery On Fabric. 12" Hoop. 2017
Detail of Lotus Girl
Mini Girl 03. Hand Embroidery On Fabric. 8" x 10" 2016
Mini Girl 03 Close Up

You can view more of Jessica's work on her Website and Instagram page. You can also purchase prints of her gorgeous work from her store on Society 6.