Wednesday, July 01, 2015

July 2015 Unicorns Of The Month: William Ishmael & Raphael Delgado

Hello handsome.
I've stared a new feature on this blog called "Unicorns Of The Month." 

Each month I will feature two different artists of similar or contrasting styles. Ideally I would do in-depth interviews with each artist, but as many of you know, I'm in China. Even if I was in the USA, I'm only one guy! Maybe in the future when I get some interns, they will be able to do proper interviews, like the ones I did with Mark Bowles and Jose Di Gregorio. But the future interns first priority will be to pick up my dry cleaning and fetch my morning coffee! 

For now, I will post images of the artists work, words on their process, and their contact information. Enjoy :)

William Ishmael

Installation view.
Dreams of a floating world II- 48" x 48"

I’ve been an artist my whole life, but began exhibiting in 2004 with large format Buddhist inspired abstracts.  Those concepts of impermanence, transformation, and interconnection have been a part of my work ever since.

I like the viewer to contemplate those meanings on their own but offer visually suggestive forms to facilitate that process.  If the viewer sees life through a microscope, the heavens through a telescope, a part of the sea or of the sky, the infinite, or the metaphysical - I’m satisfied.

Martrix 12" x 12"
We are all interconnected II-25" x 46"
We are all interconnected II-36" x 40"

I’ve shifted my materials from paint on stretched cotton canvas to other interesting and more malleable materials.   I went through a several years period of burning roof shingles and tars on wooden foundations as a vivid expression of the rapid transformation of materials.  More recently, I’ve been using ‘mild steel’ plates as the matrix of my work.  Mild steel rusts in a controlled way with the application of weak acids, in combination with paint, to produce a weathered multilayered surface that I love. I mount the steel plates out from the wall without frames so the work appears to float in space as a single plane. 

In addition, my interests now include producing an overall art experience for the viewer as opposed to producing a single piece of artwork.  My 2014 show for the finale at The Temp Gallery and my installation at the Warehouse Artist Lofts in Sacramento are examples of that approach. 

For more work, check out Williams website.

Installation view.
Close up view.
Dreams of a floating world I -36" x 48"

Raphael Delgado

Delta MF 9

Beta MA 9
Epsilon YN-1
Omega NR1

Raphael Delgado is a 34 year old visual artist based in Sacramento, California. Working in a variety of mediums, his unique and varied body of work  often reflects his interests in physics and geology, and he continuously blurs the line between science and art. He is primarily an abstract painter, although he has steadily been gaining attention for his wall sculptures which he calls "Quantum Objects." The contradicting mediums create a rich visual paradox that fuses the distant past and the far distant future, leaving no clues as to their joining.   

Close up #1
Close up #2
Close up #3
Close #4
Close up #5

Delgado states, "As we look at our reflections in these objects, we become stuck somewhere between the past and the future, trapped inside by these stalactites and stalagmites. The textured spines disobey the laws of gravity and are frozen in a state of rapid acceleration. They suspend in a crystallized liquid state and  multiply into fractals within the architectural form, creating a sensation of speed and weightlessness. ''

Check out more of Delgado's work on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.