Tuesday, May 15, 2018

5 Cool Upcoming Sacramento Events

Art, beer, wine, and fun within the community are all aspects of a great adventure. Sacramento has so many fantastic events and activities throughout the year, but even more so in the summer time. Here are five great events to consider checking out in the Sacramento area. If you're looking for a way to get around town without having to find a designated driver or deal with traffic and parking, be sure to consider this Sacramento Party Bus Pickup Area. 

Plein Air Painting at La Borgata Winery

May 19 from 9AM to 4PM

Art supplies and lunch from the La Borgata Deli is included in the ticket price for this fun event. This event starts with step by step instruction by two talented local artists. Afterward, you're able to freely roam to plein air paint anywhere on the property. All skill levels are celebrated at this event. This is a great way to spend a Saturday!

Sunset Sip at Old Sacramento

May 24 from 5:30PM to 8:30PM

Over 20 wineries will be providing nearly 40 wines for tasting at this event at the recently renovated Embarcadero at Old Sacramento. Delta King will be providing appetizers and there will be live music by the band Simple Creation. VIP guests will have access to a private lounge and early tasting.

Burgess Brothers & Fountainhead Brewing Spring BBQ at Fountainhead Brewing Company

May 26 from 4PM to 9PM

Come celebrate the season of spring with two fantastic local companies. Each $20 ticket includes one beer, a barbeque dinner with two meats and two sides, and a delectable churro waffle dessert. There will be a DJ playing music for the event and take home specials on ribs and hot links.

Opening Celebration for Herrero & Oliveira Exhibits at Napa Valley Museum

June 2 from 5PM to 7PM

This event is celebrating the opening of two new exhibits at the Napa Valley Museum. Nathan Oliveira, and Lowell Herrero are the American Figurative artists being featured. The event is free for museum members and $20 for those who aren't. Come view the charming art and company of other art lovers here.

Rocklin Brewfest at Johnson-Springview Park

June 2 from 1PM to 5PM

Rocklin Brewfest boasts over 40 different breweries and their products at this festival. If you're a wine lover, don't feel left out, as there will also be seven different wineries representing their products here. Admission is $30 and includes 15 tickets that are good for one four ounce tasting. Proceeds support the South Placer Rotary organization which supports underprivileged school kids.

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

May Unicorn Of The Month: Siobhan van Winkel

Concocting work that interacts with the body I corral many media. Physically bending to the materials' imprint while impacting them with my intent I become their expressive vehicle. Sewing machines extend my body and allow me through a complicated dance of foot pedals to pierce and sew. This process of merging separate media together results in a site of energy transference-the joinery-the activated point that thrusts one medium into another.

In Aromatherapy Machine pumping the bellows activates a system of tubes. Air is ejected through five separate scent portholes releasing a concoction of essential oils that are encapsulated at the ends of these tubes. Textile fibers are impregnated with the essential oils that mingle with the air and are intended to be mood enhancing healing vehicles.

This series is intended to house tools of exploration in the form of machines that enable visceral interaction with the senses. These machines help facilitate the experience of things that are invisible and might not be detected otherwise. Layers of textiles, found objects, parts of machines and scraps are manipulated into these devices.

Working in sculptural textiles there are multiple processes some of which are timed, some are random acts of nature and enable my work to have many layers and moving parts. 

I often work with rescued leather keeping cow hides from the landfill one piece at a time. I am immersed in discovering the plethora of qualities found in leather such as durability, flexibility, and inherent material preciousness. I create protective coverings and objects that interact directly with the body and strive to imbue the wearer with some of this protective aura.

To see more Siobhan's work, visit her website and say hello.

Sunday, April 01, 2018

April Unicorn Of The Month: Angel Otero

Lost Where I Belong. 2016. Oil paint and fabric collaged on canvas. 96 × 120 × 2 in

“I’ve always been passionate about painting specifically. That’s what drives me—painting and all the drama that goes with it,” states Angel Otero, who channels that passion into paintings and sculptures layered with directly applied oil paint and the sheets that form when it dries, called oil paint skins. Otero's 'deformation' approach to painting his works, first across glass and then once dry, flaying the dried paint and reconstructing the composition anew across large canvasses, creating thick, folding sheets, and densely textured compositions full of hills and crevices, is representative of how the artist perceives the process of reconfiguring both personal and historical narratives.

For his sculptures, he mixes materials like metal and wood with household items and furniture, which he then encrusts with the skins. Otero’s works range from entirely abstract, in his words, “purely gestural,” to semi-representative, incorporating ghostly figures, floral patterns, or evocative phrases.

At Five in the Afternoon. 2017. Oil skins on fabric. 104 × 96 × 4 in
Love Eclipses Evil. 2015. Oil paint and fabric on canvas. 84 × 60 × 2 1/2 in
Wind Chimes2015. Oil paint and fabric collaged on canvas. 96 × 72 × 2 1/2 in

Inspired by his music-filled childhood home and the fiercely independent New York School artists, Otero’s work sometimes uses process as a way of confronting deep, personal memories. Instead of representing his life through art, he archives moments within it by creating opportunities of surprise and discovery. His work is a constant negotiation between the individual and art history.

I was a Drizzle and she Was a Hurricane. 2016.Oil paint and fabric collaged on canvas. 60 × 36 in
Cathedral of Salt and Lime. 2018. Oil skins on fabric. 96 × 64 × 5 in

To view more of Angel's work, visit his website, and his Instagram. To inquire about available works, contact Lehmann Maupin, Kavi Gupta, or SUSANNE VIELMETTER Los Angeles Projects. 

Thursday, February 01, 2018

February Unicorn Of The Month: Jessica So Ren Tang

Lala Girls. Hand Embroidery On Fabric. 18"x 28" Hoop. 2017

Embroidery is versatile in mimicking the original object in shape and design but still distinct enough to be recognized as something else. The stitches are soft but substantial, more tangible.
With embroidery, I explore my Asian-American born identity-the dualism of being too Asian to be American, and too American to be Asian.
Blue Willow Plate. Hand Embroidery & Wire On Fabric. 11"2016
Blue Willow Plate Close Up #1
Blue Willow Plate Close Up #2

In my object series, I recreate familiar Asian American objects that take on the visual identity of the original object but reject said identity due to its material.
In my girl series, I replace the facial identity of suggestively posed Asian women with Asian textile patterns. The patterned skin creates a broader spectrum of Asian identity; it becomes more ambiguous and fluid as identity moves between the two.

Lotus Girl. Hand Embroidery On Fabric. 12" Hoop. 2017
Detail of Lotus Girl
Mini Girl 03. Hand Embroidery On Fabric. 8" x 10" 2016
Mini Girl 03 Close Up

You can view more of Jessica's work on her Website and Instagram page. You can also purchase prints of her gorgeous work from her store on Society 6.

Monday, January 01, 2018

January Unicorn Of The Month: Micah Crandall-Bear

Micah Crandall-Bear’s abstract landscape paintings examine Earth’s intrinsic resources and our disposition toward their accelerated transformation. His concept is infused with linear layers that cascade from atmospheric to subterranean. Landscape details hint at daily and seasonal shifts in light, evoking a sense of evolution and balance. In an ever-increasing technological world, his work reminds us to pause and admire our wild and natural surroundings. He presents abstractions that inspire a deep and effusive connection to nature.

Crandall-Bear achieves longitudinal depth by exacting precisely rendered lines and seamless expanses of color. This explicitly composed depth communicates a sense of contingency and locality. Micah’s construction of space is enhanced by his painting method. His ‘wet-on-wet’ method is a contemporary application of ‘alla prima,’ a traditional technique used mostly in oil painting, where layers of wet paint are applied to previous layers of wet paint. No matter how precise or general the area, Micah’s layered brushstrokes are decisive, but also gestural, often spanning the entire surface of the canvas from left to right. This highly active method of painting is sometimes tempered through rapid buffing and blending. The outcome is a smooth, boundless, and energetic surface.

As a Northern California native, Crandall-Bear established his artistic roots locally and continues to promote the growth of his community. His reputation brings him consistent national and international attraction from both private and public collectors. Micah’s work is collected by the Crocker Art Museum, university hospitals, Facebook data centers in Sweden, Malaysia and more. His work has been featured in ArtSlant, Art Maze Mag, American Art Collector Magazine, Forbes, and PBS.

More of Micah's work can be seen on his Website, Instagram, and FB Page.

Friday, December 01, 2017

December Unicorn Of The Month: Yoh Nagao

"Jumpman" Collage, Acrylic, Marker on Canvas / 2800mm-2000mm / 2017

Yoh Nagao is a pop collage artist from Aichi Prefecture, Japan. In our modern society, we are taking so many issues such as war, sickness, natural disaster, resource, environment, food and etc. The situation is getting harder and harder. The world is totally losing its balance, pursuing just economy and ideology can not manage our modern life any more in this planet. We even would lose the chance of recover, human will be collapsed if the situation continues the same way.

However, under this hard situation, Nagao believes that art can change our world better place.

In his art, he uses figures, animals and landscapes to expresses love, happiness, warmness, pleasure and elation such as invisible emotional feeling which is hard to describe in words. These are the senses which we are absolutely missing in modern society. He thinks these invisibleness contains are getting more importance for us now a days. They are also the key to live up in our society better. Nagao’s aim is to tell these thing to the people through his art which is not only his way of connection with the society, but also his mission as an artist.

"Searchman" Collage, Acrylic, Marker on Canvas / 1000mm-1000mm / 2017

After graduating from Nagoya Zokei University, he began working as a graphic designer and illustrator, while freely expressing his unique style as an artist. He gained prominence in Japan after receiving the Uniqlo Creative Award in 2005 (now UTGP), exhibiting at the International Poster Triennial in Toyama, and being selected for the SHIFT calendar design contest. These successes at international competitions led Yoh to expand his work overseas. After a successful first-ever solo exhibition in Hong Kong in 2009, he received an honorable mention in the collage category of the international competition ARTAQ Urban Art Award (France) in 2011. 

"Dove" Collage, Acrylic, Marker, Ballpoint / 420mm-600mm / 2016 /

He was invited to participate in the PICK ME UP Contemporary Graphic Art Fair held in London that same year, becoming a serious contender on the international art stage. Since then, his pieces were also showcased in numerous art fairs and events in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Zurich, Berlin, Paris, Angers, London, and Tokyo.

In 2008, his work was displayed in the famous boutique shop Colette in Paris. His work has also been published in high profile magazines such as Nakedbutsafe (Germany), Lodown (Germany), Dazed and Confused (England), and DPI (Taiwan). In the summer of 2014, in Isla Mujeres (Mexico), he collaborated with the project SEA WALLS by PangeaSeed (USA), creating an outdoor mural with the artist Aaron Glasson (New Zealand) that was showcased in The Huffington Post and The New York Times online.

Private Commission Work. Collage, Acrylic, Marker, ballpoint on Canvas / 515mm-728mm / 2017 /

He was also selected by the organization World Art Destinations as one of the 30 artists who took part in the Festival International de Arte Público in Cancún, Mexico, where he created an installation of a 100 multicolored paper planes that captivated the Festival's audience. Back in Japan, his art works were selected to depict the popular JRA Chukyo Racecourse in Japan for 2015, widely showcased in the subway network of Nagoya. 

Untitled. Collage, Acrylic, Marker, Ballpoint / 390mm-300mm / 2014 

Nagao’s pieces, exhibitions and artistic collaborations have steadily gained specialized but also wide public appreciation, confirming the rising value of his unique style and endless creativity, which is being recognized all over the world.

To view more of his work, visit his Website, Instagram, Twitter, FB Page, and Tumblr Page

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

November Unicorn Of The Month: Joha Harrison

Joha Harrison was born in Baton Rouge Louisiana but now currently lives and works in Sacramento California. Like most artists, his interest in being creative started at an early age. In elementary school he would often experiment with watercolors in the backyard, but as he grew older, his interest in art dwindled, and he became active in sports.

In his junior year of high school, his interest in art, particularly photography, came back to the forefront. An unexpected move with his family caused him to purchase multiple disposable cameras from local grocery stores. He wanted to document and commit to memory EVERYTHING he saw before him so he could remember the last place he called home.

When he was in college he became the historian for an on campus organization as well as their was official photographer. This promotion and opportunity allowed him to buy his first "real" non disposable camera. His love for photography took off, but it was still years before would pick up a paintbrush again. Although photography is his main focus he still makes time to create original art watercolors and doodles.

To see more of his work, check out his Website, Instagram, and Facebook Page.