Thursday, October 01, 2015

It’s Time For A Road Trip!

Gearing up!
Now that I’m back in America,* it’s time for a road trip! Destination, Superior Wisconsin! My mother had not seen her cousin Doris since 1986, and due to Doris’s age, she might not be alive much longer. Actually, it’s not that grim. I met Doris for the first time and she was a chipper, mobile, but not to keen on cross country travel, 83 year old. 
There were many highlights from the trip, many of which are below, but if you really want to see the journey from beginning to end, check out my instagram feed. Shameless self promotion yes, but instagram is fantastic! I have discovered so many great artists and connected to people all over the world. 

I should have gotten an iphone sooner!


Snake River.
Wild Buffalo in Montana!
A wolf taking a piss. By the look on his face, it must feel really good.
Idaho Falls, Idaho.
I saw REAl wolf tracks when I went hiking!
One of the many geysers in Yellowstone National Park.
St. Pauls in Minnesota.
Gorgeous stained glass.
Not sure how, but I will find a way to incorporate this into my painting.
Some family photos from Aunt Doris.
*I'm actually going back to China for an art project. Stay tuned for me details!

Tuesday, September 01, 2015



Taiwan has been on my list of “must visits” for quite some time. From what people have told me, it’s a lot like China, if China got its shit together and gave Communism a rest. I wasn’t there long enough to see the major differences, but I did notice that the language is different. People still speak Chinese of course, but it has a distinct Taiwanese flavor to it. Aside from relaxing, eating great food, drinking, sleeping, exploring, and picture taking, I didn’t do much. But in my opinion, that’s a great vacation! 

Special thank you to my friend Tux in Kaohsiung for being the best host a man could ask for! I’ll see you in a few months!

My friends apartment.

Train station into town.

The train station, subway connection.

Subway entrance.

Really cool, 3-D advertising display.

Pier 2 Art Center

Pier 2 Art Center.

This demon sculpture is complete with hard on AND anal beads!


Beautiful art in a subway station.

Night market.

Kaohsiung Fine Arts Museum

Body Art Stories-Marina Abramovic & Others.

Monkey Mountain, Minus The Monkeys

And Finally, Food